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welcome all ye chosen and faithful. You have been invited unto the holy halls of New Dawn may thee bask in it's glow (sorry needed 50 characters :P)

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O.k hello people you have all been selected for alpha testing whether that be through being an active part of the community an actual team member blackmail or outright bribery. So for all those here welcome. Now the alpha is still a ways off and will still be about a month. However i have set up this group so that it's all ready by the time its uploaded. But do not fret your membership here is not useless. For example as a member you may ask questions on any aspect of the New Dawn universe's story (baring a few little surprises) this can be quiet broad a topic so go nuts. You will also be getting access to a download containing all waseems music thus far and a first look at anything about to be put up. Including development images and what not. You may also voice any ideas or opinions you have basically you have a behind the scenes look at the current development into the foreseeable future.

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