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welcome to the WL. Here you will find out about many battles that has happened. Note that I accidently deleted the other one.

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Hello and welcome to the War Library.-The War Library created by a guy named Johnyboy1. He created it so that all Moddb role playing battles could be put here for people to see and for people to find out the latest battles.

-The War Library offers you up-to-date news on battles. This service is provided by dedicated writters and editors who believe that articles should be here for the public and so they can look good.

-The battles posted sometimes are written from a certain faction but the war library editors fix that so the articles will not offend them.

-The war library has a new feature that allows the battles to be in seperate articles and it follows into 3 categories: Pre Yuuzhan Vong
Yuuzhan vong
Post Yuuzhan Vong
This allows the War Library to be organized.

-The fun doesn't stop there. You can apply to join the War Library and to become a writter and editor. Also you can apply to run the forums or to create them. Thank you and come read again

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