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A brief introduction to the mod, the team, and the gameplay!

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Hello, and welcome to Optic!
I'm WILLAM, and you may remember me as the developer of this mod. I am working on this mod with a friend of mine, EnderSpeeder. He's started this new mod called Optic, and I'm proud to be on the team as a second in command.

In order to work faster, we've split the mod up in half to split the workload between us as follows:

3d models in Silo 2
Some maps

Rigging in 3ds Max
Some maps

All of these things are equally important, and by splitting the work like this, we hope to crack down on each part quickly and efficiently before releasing the final product.

You may have noticed some of the pictures we already have up- In fact, the entire selection of runner models is finished and rigged, while the first of the three classes is finished for the hunter.

In terms of gameplay, the current prototype of the mod is fast-paced, frantic and fun. As a runner, you can run around very fast, evading the slow hunters. However, you have little to no armour. One good perk that runners have, however, is that they do more damage. As a runner, your priority is to group around the hunters and pop out to fire a few rounds and run before they mow you down.

As a hunter, you move much slower than a runner and your weapons do a bit less damage. On one hand, you appear to be a worse team, however despite the slow speed and smaller damage totals, you have much higher armour meaning you can kill runners faster than they kill you... if you can hit them.

Above: a runner outrunning a hunter's bullets

However, despite all this, you shouldn't fear the runners.
Here are the current base stats of all the classes:

Running Speed: 350
Sprinting Speed: 400
Crouching Speed: 250
Armour: 25
Running Speed: 250
Sprinting Speed: 300
Crouching Speed: 150
Armour: 50
Running Speed: 400
Sprinting Speed: 400
Crouching Speed: 350
Armour: 0

Running Speed: 150
Sprinting Speed: 220
Crouching Speed: 70
Armour: 100
Running Speed: 100
Sprinting Speed: 150
Crouching Speed: 75
Armour: 200
Running Speed: 200
Sprinting Speed: 280
Crouching Speed: 125
Armour: 75

So what are the differences between classes?
As an offensive class, you have medium speed, the most damaging weapons, and a medium amount of armour. As a defensive, you have the slowest speed, and medium damage from your weapons. Your weapons are designed to defend rather than offend, so your weapons will push people and do small damage rather than killing quickly. As a medic, you do the smallest amount of damage have the lowest armour, and also move fastest, however you can also heal other players.

A good team consists of the right amount of classes for the right mission. For instance, a mission involving defence, such as a capture the flag, would have three or four defenders, and everyone else except for two or three would play medic. One medic would heal the defenders while the other would aid the offenders.

There isn't much in the way of custom content yet, but we hope to eventually have 90% or more custom models, textures and sounds!

Here are a few screenshots of the mod:

We would like to thank you for taking interest in Optic!
Please take a look at all the other content posted, and be sure to comment!

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I hope you'll add more futuristic weapons.

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