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A welcome message to all my visitors. And a look at what I'm planning to do.

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First I like to welcome you all here to my gaming site. I created JS Level Design, to show off you what I've learned how to do during game development. In this page you can see images and videos I've done/practice to see how far I have come. I really hope you all enjoy my games. And if you want to help me, or you want me on your team don't be shy to email me or post on the page.

Okay, enough of the formalities. Part of the reason of creating this news article, was to give a welcome message and to describe what my first real project will be. As you see, I created a game called Robot Wars: Chamber of Secrets(Where you can visit here: Here). It was real good and all, but it was basically to test my skills using the Unreal Development Kit(UDK). But now, I want to do something serious. So, I was thinking of the different types of games I can do. Then I thought about Side Scrolling games. It's fun, straight to the point, and it's a easier start for a one-man-team can do. I then did a practice test which you can see in this page video section. And I did like what I did.

I just want to expand on that idea. I was playing some platform games(Like Meat Boy, and a Halo game on here) and I like the way they were doing things. The engine that I am aiming for, is UDK. The shooting aspect, I have to work out, but the rest is easy. I know I can create a compelling platform game. That, and I can learn a lot in the game development area(Which is the main reason I'm doing this).

I will keep you updated on this plan throughly, so keep watch on this company. If you like my thought process, or you think I should go a different route in learning please post on here. ANY CRITIQUE I WILL TAKE! I'm a open book. Game Development is what I really want to do with my life. So, every ounce of help I get is, I am highly grateful for that.

Thank you for reading, and please continue to come back and see my progress!

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