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World generation and procedural patterns in RymdResa's universe is obviously an important part of the game. We're switching to a more stable randomization formula for the core part of the game. Welcome Mersenne Twister!

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There is a lot of math in space and we have a great foundation with a combination of different techniques that boils down to:

Fisher–Yates Shuffle
We use this to shuffle quests, items properties, spawn rates, loot tables and it also takes care of populating in zones.

Mersenne Twister
This is the core randomization formula used everywhere in RymdResa to create variation in space.

Simplex Noise
We use noise to calculate and distribute our zones in space. The zones take care of selecting what properties a part of space can have and spawn. This is combined with 2d Haversine Formula that we use to track positions in space and to calculate zone sizes and positions.

We also have a lot of Gradient Generators, mostly used to generate colors and backgrounds. And of course we have a lot of logarithms for things like items finding, bonus calculations and pilot statistical points. Tweaking all this math is an ongoing process, making the game feel more alive, random and deadly.

On the UI-front we have built a new ship selection screen, which you can see on the pictures below! We have also made the ships more different from each other and more specialised. For example we have Gylfi Command - a tank ship that can take a lot of damage and contain a lot of resources, but have a slower speed. We have Lokasenna, a really fast ship, but with bad acceleration. We'll tweak these ships a bit more, but they're soon finished.

New Select Ship Screen

Ship Selection UI

Ship Selection UI

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