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It is my displeasure to introduce the baddies of Clyde Hopper's Trajectory.

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From left to right, we start with the Fire Weevil. Nothing gives this pyromaniac more pleasure than watching the residents of the Backyard’s homes go ablaze. Where there’s a fire, this guy won’t be far.

Next is the Shadow Weevil. If seeing is believing, you won’t believe anything when this bad bug makes the scene. Time to reach deep for that sixth sense, cause if he sees you, it could be lights out.

The spin starts here, and the Tornado Weevil is ready to blow you away. Get your bearings and grab your dramamine when you see this F5 headed your direction.

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, that’s a Mirage Weevil. You’ll need to do a double take when this creepy critter’s optical illusions start to appear.

Bad, bad bugs

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