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Weekly update number 5! Small update this week, super busy as usual.

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Well recently we come up with a few ideas new to War of The Servers and we're not too sure weather we're going to implement them or not, so we decided to let the community hear them and see if they approve!

One of our ideas was to allow players using the Engineer class to set up defences around bases in certain game modes. For example, you've captured Base Charlie and you wish to hold that position with a stronger force, an Engineer would be able to put wall defences up that the opposing team can of course bash through but it allows more cover fire for the players garrisoned in that base.

Another was to have two separate ranks. One rank would be for Public PvP and another would be for your battle rank. This idea we are really not sure on, as it works at the minute, you have one overall rank, you can earn XP in Public PvP, however the amount of XP that can be earned through PPvP is capped, therefore you can only earn so much XP from it per 24 hour periods.

Let us know what you think!


Earlier this week we decided to implement FMOD into War of The Servers, so for all you headset users out there like my self, we are going to have a good time playing War of The Servers. FMOD is great for sounds, we tested FMOD out yesterday and it integrated very well with the source engine, though it wasn't to hard to apply to.


Well, we've got a whole new batch of music coming your way soon! We hope to release an OST Album with all the original soundtracks from War of The Servers!


Well if you didn't see our last update check it now! We are looking for people again, if you check out the latest update it should tell you what kind of people we are looking for. If it doesn't, slap it gracefully.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the small update this week, more goodies next week! <3


I like the engineer class idea!

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