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Our third Weekly Update. Here we give you information about recent events

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Dear players,

This is our third Weekly Update and here I will talk about this week.
After releasing the Open Beta 0.1 last week and just a day later the first patch 0.2 we gained a lot of feedback. Wednesday we posted it in the steam-workshop. And on Moddb and steam combined our mod has been downloaded over a 1000 times!
Thank you all for your interest and those numbers really keep us motivated to give you better quality.

We welcomed a new member in the team named Brad. He will work on visuals and mapping.
If you think you can add something to our team please let us know!

Here is our work from last week

  • Released Open Beta 0.2 to fix first issues
  • Updated the Prussian National Focus Tree. Added new focusses
  • Updated the Ottoman National Focus Tree. Added new focusses and fix some bugs.
  • Added new nations: Baden, Schleswig-Holstein (Danish Puppet) Nejd, Serbia, Moldavia (Russian Puppet),Wallachia (Russian Puppet).
  • Added new generals and admirals with pictures for mayor nations.
  • Fixed technology research dates.
  • Added new flags
  • Fixed territory's in both Balkan, Germany, Greece and Italy for better balancing
  • Added Units for more nations
  • Changed nations colours for a more dynamic view

I will keep you guys up to date and see you next time!

Kind regards,

Unwilledduck (Victorian Era Mod's Leader)

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