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These are your arms your lifes your protection these could be the only things to stop violence the rebellion has started because they hate peace My own royalgaurd has seeked to kill me. but he will not win for we know we are good we know we are justice For the empire

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This the E-11 blaster standers issue

Conscript Carbine.jpg

This is what Storm commandos will use

This is the E-11 carbine not as powerful as the E-11 blaster but will get the job done

This the elite carbine used by more elite stormtroopers

A side arm for scout troopers

Imperial Heavy Repeater.jpg

This weapon can pack a punch it is like a shot gun

Light-Repeater negwt.jpg
The T-21 light repeating blaster was a standard-issue, rapid-fire weapon

The DXR6 Carbine had a longer range than any other carbine on the market and dealt a reasonable amount of damage. It could be seen wielded by stormtroopers

Concussion rifles were a type of ranged weapon that fired a compressed capsule of ionized air towards a target, creating a powerful shock wave upon contact.

Forcepike negwt.jpg

They can cut through almost anything FOR MY Royal guards only

Emperors Shadow Guard.jpg
For My Shadow guards only

A blaster cannon, also known as a flash cannon, was a limited-range heavy artillery variant of the handheld blaster. Blaster cannons were commonly fitted aboard atmospheric vehicles.

The E-11s sniper rifle was a heavily modified version of the E-11 Blaster Rifle, which was the standard issue weapon for the Empire'sScout troopers.

The heavy repeating blaster was a large and powerful variant ofblaster rifle.

The RT-97C Heavy Blaster Rifle was a designation given to certain types of offensive blaster weaponry, that produced more devastating results than its lesser cousin, the blaster rifle.

Lightsabers negwt.jpg
This is for Sith masters Sith lords or ME


I think that Blastech needs to upgrade the DC-15A, so we can use it my lord.

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I think Empire need more powerful weapons like

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what about the weapons for sith lord and sith masters apart from lightsaber

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thank you sir.
Check out the test run of the commandos new weapon

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MasterJason Author

You all make valid points i shall get R&D on development on new weapons

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I'm a mando so I use a captured lightsaber, and my own personal heavy repeater, and diserating sniper rifle, hehehe

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E-11 A BlasTech advertisement.

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