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In Lords of Xulima there are 18 different types of weapons, each one with more than 20 characteristics.

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The weapons of Lords of Xulima is more complex than just hitting an enemy and taking away hit points.

There are 4 different types of damage. Each weapon causes a different combination of these damage types.

Types of Weapon Damage:

(Full explanation in Indiegogo Update #6)

● Normal: This deducts hit points from the target with no further implications.

● Bleeding: Sharp weapons can cause bleeding, that continues to damage over time.

● Stun: this leaves the target unable to take any actions for a period of time.
● Wound: The effects of multiple wounds can stack and leave a fighter completely useless.

Types of Weapons

Weapons can be grouped into 5 categories that correspond to 5 attack abilities: Swords, axes, daggers, blunt weapons, polearms and missile weapons.

Take a look at the official site or visit the Indiegogo page for more information.

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warmer - - 49 comments

I'm guessing here, but the weapon icon is the "normal" damage, the broken bone is "wound," the drop is "bleeding," and the lightning bolt is "stun" what the does the heart represent?

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