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Weapon pick-ups, there are many kinds in the world of Tread use them wisely to defeat your enemies!

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Weapon Pick-Ups
Are obtained throughout the course of a race. They are scattered on the
ground, and enemies will drop them.

  • Pick-Up Sigil – Appears as a glowing sigil on the track with flames circling it. When a racer drives over it they randomly receive a pick-up.

Active Pick-Ups
o Missiles

  • Ricochet – These missiles travel in a straight line from the direct front center of the player. They will bounce off of all surfaces they encounter (except players). When struck a player is sent into the air and is halted when they hit the ground. Contact with any passive weapon (oil, spikes, old lady, mines) causes both missile and passive weapon to bedestroyed.

  • Homing - This missile will track the character in front of the player that shoots it no matter how far ahead of the pack that player may be. It will stay primarily in the center of the racetrack until contact with a surface is made or it has locked onto a target. Players in first who fire this missile will have it fire straight and explode on contact with the first surface it encounters (no homing when in first). When struck, a player is halted and must regain their speed. If the missile comes across a mine or the old lady before a player it will target those items and in turn destroy them. This missile will not target road spikes or oil slicks but if they happen to encounter one on its path both weapon will be destroyed.

  • Nitro – A nitro pick up will be stored for a player to use whenever they see fit. When fired the nitro will boost a player beyond their top speed instantly and momentarily even if they are halted when used. However, the players turning capabilities are almost obsolete. Best used on a straightaway. When the affects of the nitro wear out the player returns to their normal top speeds. If a player rams another player when the nitro is applied the other player is sent sideways knocking them off track. If any other weapon encounters a player during a nitro boost the weapon’s affect will still take place and the nitro affect will cease.

  • Shield – A force field in the shape of a hamster ball will envelope the player momentarily causing all weapons to have no affect on their vehicles and ricochet off at the angle the force field was encountered. Homing missiles will lose their ability to track after encountering a shield but ricochets will continue to act as they would. Mines and road spikes will be destroyed. Oil slicks will stay put. The old lady will be pushed aside. Players who nitro boost into a player with an active shield will be pushed aside themselves instead of moving the player with a shield.

  • Frag Skull Grenade – Thrown at the nearest opposing player, the Frag Grenade explodes causing the victim to halt briefly.

Passive Pick-Ups
Can be obtained throughput the course of the racetrack, either on the ground
or from an enemy. Players who occupy the first and second place positions
are more likely to receive this class of weapon.

  • Trip Mine – Mines are dropped directly behind the player and stay in place until a player runs over them. When hit the player is blown into the air and comes to halt when they hit the ground.

  • Teddy Bear Bomb – The Bear Bomb is dropped directly behind the player. When another player comes nearby the bear runs at them exploding, causing them to halt briefly.

  • Smoke Skull Grenade – Within a few seconds of dropping, this grenade releases a plum of smoke obscuring the track.

  • Oil Slicks – Oil slicks are dropped directly behind a player and stay
    put until a player runs over them. When hit a player’s turning
    capabilities are reduces for a period of time.

  • Bone Spikes – Bone spikes are dropped behind the player and stay inplace until a player runs over them. When hit a players top speed is
    reduced for a period of time

  • Old Lady – The old lady is dropped directly behind the player andstays in that area until another player uses her or she is destroyed.
    The old lady walks back and forth across the track becoming an
    obstacle to avoid. She drops all manner of things from her giant purse
    that impede a player’s movement. The debris that she drops stays in
    place even after she has moved to another area. If a player gets too
    close to her she will stab them with her knitting needles (same as a
    character melee but the player is slowed dramatically)

Nice pick-ups, I want more :D

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