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Please read the description dear friends . Regards

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Salutations! We wish to inform you that we're currently recruiting:

1. Historians;
2. 3D modelers;
3. Texture designers;
4. Graphic designers;
5. Scene editors;
6. Coders;

Your help is paramount to the success of the mod so if you can fit any of these roles and/or can contribute positively to the mod send us a message !

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Best Regards
RAF Team


i its riase o the islam ok

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hey man im an historian

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i can recomemded total war attila unit for kind of troops

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Imperial Guard in Constantinople VI century: 1 Spatharius; 2 Protector: 3 Excubitor.

Byzantine infantry VI century.

Byzantine Thracian cataphracts V-VI century, carries the round shield with the lion, you can see the horseshoes.

Byzantine cavalry centuries VI-VII. You can see the division established by Belisario between archers and spearmen.

Belisario in Italy. It is followed by a spearman and archer.

Byzantine army in the seventh century. On the left heavy infant; center a nobleman who carries a head and a hand of a rebel to warn others; Right rider wears a helmet cover with feathers.

1 Emperor Heraclius wears a crown of feathers (toupha); 3 Somatofulax (emblem holder) Imperial; 2 Doriphoros (portalanza) Imperial.

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Battle of Calinico or Callinicum April 19, 531. Between the forces of the Byzantine Empire commanded by General Belisario and the forces of the Sassanian Empire commanded by Kavadh I.

Battle of the Wage Bridge 537. Belisarius had a tower built over the bridge to prevent the passage of the Goths, the defenders left the tower, and when the next day Belisarius returned, the Goths had crossed the bridge. There was a battle and the Byzantines had to return to Rome.

Byzantine rider against sasánida rider.

The Byzantine army at the Battle of Yarmuk (636).

Battle of Scultenna (643): the army of the exarch of Ravenna, imperial governor in Italy is defeated by the Lombards.

Siege of Constantinople by the Arabs and their allies.

burden of the Byzantine cataphracts defeated the Arabs.

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The Arabs Orthodox Caliphate or Rashidun.

Batalla de Adjnadayn o Adjnadain 634.

Combat between a Muslim and a Byzantine warrior.

Arab caliphate Rashidun infants against Byzantine infants.

Battle of Yarmuk 636.

Persian Sassanian army seventh century: 1 Heavy Jorasan rider (former Media); 2 Turkish rider from Tranxosania (Turkestan); 3 Arab infant; 4 Persian rider-archer.

Catafracta sasánida against Arabs seventh century.

Battle of Badr in 624.

Siege of Constantinople by the Umayyad Arabs and their allies 674-678.

Infantry of Caliphate Rashidun: 1 Ansar or warriors who had accompanied the Prophet, has two coats of mail with an Arabian robe or durra between them, the helmet is of Persian origin, the sword is worn with a shoulder strap or baldaric typical of the Arabs; 2.- Archer, 3 Arab woman.

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Here is a compilation of historical uniforms so that you can modify them for both the Byzantine and Arab mod, it would also be good if you add the historical standards used by the factions in the historical period as well as infantry banners, cavalry also different historical shields used by the infantry as cavalry in the images can be seen.

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Byzantine Cavalry

Combat between ostrogodo and archer.


Byzantine soldiers in the sixth century.

horse archer.

early byzantine cavalry.

siglo IV y V.

Roman soldiers half century V: left: 1 Aeccio magister militum. 2 Bucelario de Valentiniano III (Happy Valentinian Placid); 3 bodyguard Hun of Aeccio. Right: 1 Ostrogod biarch of the Cuneus Equites Escutatorum; 2 primicerio (official); 3 Flammoularios by Mattiarii Juniors.

5th century: 1 noble's bucelario carries a lance, shield and a crossbow, 2 soldier limitnei. 3 catafracta of the eastern junior sagittarius.

Offensive armament of the Roman infantry IV - V.

5th century: from left to right: legionary of the V Macedonian, legionary of the Herculiani Seniores, hondero, auxiliary brachiati.

5th century: left archer or sagittarius and catafracta; right rider alano and rider huno.

Magister Militum Roman, escorted by his V century bucelarios.

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Roman helmets used during the Low Roman Empire.

Troops limitadane Roman Empire. To the left Burgari guarding watchtowers with an oval shield, interlude helmet, to the right Castiliani who guard the forts with a round shield, carry only one lancea and do not carry a sword, the helmet is of the crested intercised type that corresponds to a centurion.

Roman infants IV century. On the left weighed with concession type helmet, Lorica squamata and lancea; on the right light with panonio fur hat, lancea and spuculum.

Illyrian cavalry III century also called equites dalmatorum. 1 light rider with spangenhelm type Deir el-Medinah, lorica hamata and oval shield of 110 x 90 cm, is seen taking the reins with the same hand as the shield; 1st section of the shield with wooden boards covered with leather; 2 lancias or light javelins; 3 draco banner; 4 rings of the lorica hamata; 5 tunic ornaments. 6 hiedernbieber helmet.

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