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In this little Text we are presenting some new Mechanics in our Mod.

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First lets start with the easiest Mechanic.

The Aperture science Cube transformation Device.

- If you insert a cube in the upper end of the Device the Cube will fall down and then be transformed into a ball.

- The same Mechanic works the other way around (Not in all cases)

- The Mechanic takes 5 Seconds before a ball or a cube comes out.

- If you force the Cube to dissolve but you first tranformed it into a ball the ball will also dissolve.
The Aperture Science catapult transport Device.

- This Device is like cube with a hole in the middle.

- If you jump through the Device doesn't matter how fast you will be gain speed and get almost like "shot" in a certain direction.

- The Device is only active if there is a fizzler in it. And No it will not cleanse your Portals. Only if the fizzler is Green but that follows.

The Aperture Science Fizzler System

- We added some new fizzler they look the same only that they have certain colors.

- Green will cleanse your Portals

- Red will dissolve all Physics Object and cleanse your Portals

- Yellow will only dissolve any Physic Object passing through

- Pink will block your way you will not be able to pass through

The Aperture Science Teleportation Device

- The Teleportation Device teleports you to the other Part. The Energyball inside the Teleportation hull shows you if it is active.

- The Teleportation Device doesn't cleanse your Portals.

But this is only some Info on the topic ;) we have planned a lot more! Be Ready for more.

And a Update on the Status of the Mod:
The First 2 Maps are completed but because the fact we are now doubleing the Testchambers because we must make a way for each decision. It will take some time... The First Chapter has the First 6 Chambers in it. The Second, Third, Fourth and fifth Chapter each have 10 Chambers each. That means IF we really are determined enough to complete this Mod it will contain 46 Chambers which the Most are normal Testchambers. But with some Story Maps on BOTH PATHS we will round it to 50 Chambers But also if you choose right you can shrink the Test Chamber number to 20-30! On Both Paths you will learn about the Story but the paths each have a slighty different Story.
If you want to help us complete the Mod it is enough just to stick around and set the Mod on your Watchlist! Thanks! and we'll see us in some time :). The Map Alone_ch1_lvl03_01 is now work in Progress. More Pictures and Information coming soon!



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