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Now officially: We finally got our own rootserver!

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Check out our board on We just ported the old database to the new server and fixed some issues and now it's up and running again. The board itself is seperated into english and german sections, so there will hopefully be no language issues. We are still optimizing this, so for the moment, don't get too confused if there are german/english forums mixed together. ;)

In addition, we will start a RotF-Wiki to present maps, vehicles, weapons and other. Although there are no entries for the moment we will update it as the work on the mod progresses.
And the work will hopefully be done faster now. That's because we now have a subversion repository that allows all of our developers to work on the newest files we got to this moment.
And last but not least we introduced the "Modding Ressources" section. Here our modelers will hopefully upload tutorials, textures and even 3D models to use for free in other projects as far as you agree to our creative commons license.

So far for the new rootserver. And now, you may ask, what about the mod? Work is still going on, we're not becoming lazy - well except for me because of sleeping too long, but that does not count, I got enough to do with the server........ Anyway, I could recently try out the new "The Tower" map that our PlfH (Projectleader from Hell) Lantian created and I must say, it looks really neat with the stargate on it. There are still some issues with the big 4096x4096 map, but so far it's working, although you don't want to walk along it by foot... Really, you don't! Lantian wanted to show me a spot where a little island or whatever lies and we had to swim there, because it would take to long on the hills with the deep forest and no orientation at all. I agreed and we started to swim along the coast... It took about 10 (ten!) minutes to cover a distance from about one half of the length of the map! Thankfully my BF crashed (maybe some catalyst issue, nothing new) and Lantian finally decided to place an ordinary gunship near the stargate. Well it landed somewhere in between the woods but we found it... But I really like the map so far, there are so much possibilities for the troops to act on it, because it's so large. I'm really looking forward to the statics like the big tower or the small village. (Check out SGA Season 2 Episode 15!)

So what else do I have to say now... I'm working on a little GUI that helps placing objects on a map without the use of the BF2Editor called "BfMapExplorer". Maybe there is something like that out there but I wanted to create something for my own just do get skilled with OpenGL and C++. Ice4smaster has created the explosion effect for the BC304 and some other eye candies that we will hopefully be able to show to you soon.

All in all we're quite busy, so stay tuned for news and updates!



admin from hell das passt gut ^^

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