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It's not certain yet whether or not he will make all the music for the game, but we have someone to make the games music!

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If you want to find out who this talented person is, just check out his youtube page:

In other news, the game is now Version 0.3.3! changes include proper rotation for the homing missile plus finetuning on its vector tracking. Also, I've now added Missile launchers to fire the homing missiles!

I'm currently focusing on bringing the game up to pre-Alpha version 0.4 and I'm currently trying to add sloped tiles, which will add to the customisation of the level editor and as a result, the game as well.

I've also noticed a burst of visitors on my page too. By all means, spread the word! It helps keep me motivated on W.I.I.C.T. . By the way, if my game reaches the top 100, I'll tell you what the title stands for. We'll just have to wait till then. For now though, thanks for reading.

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