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Jordan entered a blood pact with Lucifer himself, and got Zombie Grinder a secure release spot on Steam!

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Oh hey, look!

Hi everybody! Jordan here with a little bit of a news break for Zombie Grinder! I know it's been like 4,000 years since I've posted news, as Tim and I have been incredibly busy at our 9-5's, but I've got some fabulous news!


That's right! After an over-a-year-long campaign, your support has helped us catch Valve's attention enough to justify a release on Steam! I know I speak for everybody who has contributed content to the game when I say that we thank ALL of your for your relentless support through the good times, and the bad!

With this unprecedented event comes some pretty amazing news! More updates than I had actually thought we would do! To be honest Tim and I were roadmapping an over-all end-of-the-line update that would introduce a single-player mode and the online side of things would be Peer-to-Peer. We still have other games we want to eventually work on, but with Zombie Grinder being released on Steam, we have a newfound vigor to polish it up and make sure it's a complete experience in and of itself!

Since finding this news out, I've completed 8 new hats, and 6 new weapons. This next content patch which may be a ways off should be very interesting!!

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this whole situation, as I honestly never expected it to happen, and I know Tim's in an even crazier spot, but I just thought I'd let y'all know that we appreciate everything you've all done! From just playing the game, to pitching ideas for new weapons.

Obviously a bunch of stuff is coming, and while I can't exactly put a date on it, Tim and I are shooting for a full release before Summer of next year to co-incide with our Steam debut :)

Thanks again for all your support!

Much love,

uvazquez - - 16 comments

This is good news! Congratulations! Will it have a four-pack or something like that? I sure hope it does!

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Jordizzle Author
Jordizzle - - 154 comments

The game is free so a four pack would be kinda pointless ;P

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TripCharge - - 1 comments

Are you going to be incorporating Steam Workshop for community maps?

Also, awesome stuff. Can't wait for its release.

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Jordizzle Author
Jordizzle - - 154 comments

basically going to be incorporating every feature we can :P

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.theory - - 19 comments

I feel happy for you guys.

I can only wait and see what other games you guys make!

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Badges - - 2 comments

Congratulations guys. I actually through you guys died or smth., weren't active for months :( I hope this game is going to go up hill and more players will join.

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Infinitus - - 360 comments

Yeh sorry about that :(. We've been crazy busy recently and haven't had much time to contribute towards ZG.

Lots of stuff going on behind the scenes now though :), should be some cool things to see soon.

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AGuyCalledSpyke - - 7 comments

Awesome stuff, great to see this game finally on Steam :)

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sudzzuds - - 9 comments

Wow. Can't say I expected this...

Either way, congrats on the news, I was thinking that the game was going to end up the way you guys were thinking it (keeping servers up seemed pretty hard even for its hayday). Keep up the good work!

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