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Yay! Infinity Violation now has a dedicated team working on it.

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Yes! I’ve got other people working on the mod now!
Fortunately, I’ve managed to get some people who’ve agreed to help on the mod. So far, 3 people are working on the areas of coding, music, and level design. However, we are still willing to take more help from anyone who wants to help. We are still in need of character modellers and animators in particular.
Lately, I've been on holidays, so little progress has been made on the mod. We're still working on that gameplay trailer though, and that won't be too far away. I might upload the map overview I drew to get some feedback on it.
There have also been some issues with the code, but that's cleared up now.So, back to the people working on the mod. There are three besides me, all with different skills. They are:

  • thedragonflame: working on music and PR (even though I'm doing most of it. Hmmm…)
  • JackZh (JZ on Steam): Level design and art director
  • Bearbear12345: Coding
  • Me (Valax321): Mapping and Textures & materials

Again, if you have any valuable skills you think you could contribute to our team, feel free to email me at
Anyway, that's all for now. Remember to follow and share the mod if you like it.

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