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MurderHobo: Aggravation Quest is now available on Desura!

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MurderHobo: Aggravation Quest is now available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It's the story of an unwilling slacker dragged through a needlessly elaborate tutorial dungeon by the worst nerds ever to cower from the light in the back of a gaming shop. They think they're preparing you for a final confrontation against some vampire lord, but that's so ridiculous it doesn't even bear discussing. I mean, vampires? Come on. Vampires are the one kind of monster that doesn't exist. Toxic cannibal mutants? Real. Sharkbears? Real, obviously. Vampires? Only in teenie-bopper romance novels.

Explore a big open-ended dungeon / chemical dump / crypt / secret-futuretech-vault-thing! Find unique weapons and turn them on townspeople! Change the appearance of your little stick figure dude with equippable armor and hats! Read dialogue my friends assured me was funny!

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