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MindWorX has informed us that WarSoc or WarSoc-related content is expected to be released by the end of this month.

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MindWorX has informed me that WarSoc or WarSoc-related content is expected to be released by the end of this month or perhaps next month. I've been speaking with him on MSN Live Messenger and according to him, things have been making good progress, which is one of the major reasons he foresees a possible release date for his program. Hopefully it does release! We'll see what happens... stay tuned everybody.

What's so great about WarSoc's release?
What makes the release of WarSoc so anticipating - at least for the Wc3:WoW developers - is that WarSoc is the program which will enable us to include an online feature to the mod that is way more powerful than the simple 12 player BattleNet. According to MindWorX, the head of WarSoc, Wc3:WoW will be able to host a game with 200+ players in it. It all depends on who's hosting though, so if you're the guy who lags a lot or your internet connection isn't very good, you'll probably want to join already hosted games while those who have very good internet connections may not mind hosting - although, its best for everyone to gather on a single server that's hosted by a good and fast host.

Will the upgrade for Wc3:WoW be implemented instantly? Definitely not. It will require much more time for us to develop it, since we'll have to do a total overhaul on how we create triggers, abilities, items, units, and so forth. So if you think you've waited long enough, you haven't even started... HOWEVER, we will still continue the development of the single-player version as well and try to bring it to a playable and fun status.

When will there be a new Wc3:WoW video?
As much as we'd love to get started on another video, I feel like we should finish the mod more to a more seamless state so that when we're recording in-game content, first-time viewers don't see the many bugs that is in the mod right now - which we're fixing! - and the incomplete features/systems such as the Inventory. Most likely we'll start making an in-game footage teaser (that isn't just all about terrain) around the near release of the upcoming Open BETA. Be patient everyone! I know it's getting harder...


Ironic, considering we had that April fools joke with similar information just a week ago.

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Craka_J Author

Yeah, lol. Well, I assure you all, this is not a joke. April first has passed. :)

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