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Little delayed but this update is rammed with 50 new features fixes and updates!

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* Added Chance of Randomly generated goblin totems to any non-default goblin kingdoms
* Added Demonic Pit
* Added Chance of randomly generated toll roads to any bandit kingdoms
* Added chance of randomly generated elven gardens to any elven kingdoms
* Added Pigs to the game (credit to voliol)
* Added New Race 'Pigmen' (credit to voliol)
* Added New Race 'Were-pigs' (credit to voliol)
* Added New Race 'Evolved Pigs' (credit to voliol)
* Added New Race 'Pig Folk' (credit to voliol)
* Added New Race 'Half-Pigs' (credit to voliol)
* Added ability to choose your own kingdom symbol
* Added chance of strange king asking you to sacrifice peasants for peace (with random public opinion outcome)
* Added chance of a full prison revolt
* Added chance of revolt soldiers joining black market
* Added ability to ask knightly order to defend you in battle
* Added ability to ask knightly order to fight the rebels (if rebels exist)
* Added ability to ask knightly order to fight the bandits (if bandits exist)
* Added ability for your knightly order to fight with the pest groups (if told to protect your lands)


* Added Explorer of the south throne room encounter
* Added Explorer of the East throne room encounter
* Added Explorer of the west throne room encounter
* Added 3 new nervous rebel speeches to throne room
* Added dynamic messenger encounter for throne room
* Added mercantile king wants trade route throne room encounter


* Fixed orlak steel jaw text bug
* Fixed the elf hater text bug
* Fixed black market ruler names text bug
* Fixed random events bandit gang text bugs
* Fixed berserker chief text bug (credit Naive)
* Fixed thickblood patron issue
* Fixed exploration exploring only working on first page bug (credit Czarekstu)
* Fixed mystery slaver text colour bug
* Fixed the wasfrom demon text bug
* Fixed second demon totem build bug
* Fixed knightly order message not appearing when adding troops


* Added 'the Leaf-Eater' name suffix
* Added 'the Mirror-Lover' name suffix (+3 battlescore)
* Added 'the Thick-Skulled' name suffix (+50 battlescore)
* Added colour to the three faces when starting new game
* Added ability to back out of new game choice (credit Daza_NZ)
* Added kingdom symbol displayed on slums watchtowers in blackmarket
* Added knightly order graphic to knightly order, order screen
* Nerfed pest groups
* Pest groups will no longer be active every single turn
* Made pest groups slightly more common
* Made pest groups starting size non-standard (10-259) instead of 100 each time
* Added chance of pest groups marching through your lands -publicopinion
* Added chance of aslona patrols fighting pestgroups
* Added various combat scenarios with pestgroups
* Set default knightly order growth to 2 troops per turn (capped at 100)

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