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as the recent patch gave us back the Warhounds we find it so exciting that we impleted them into the mod too!

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If you read the news about the Warhounds we are sure you are as excited as we are. We would like to announce the best new in the history of our mod. Chronicles of Azeroth Warhounds will contain them too! First it was hard to implement them as they felt out of content but soon we realised that with all the retcons Blizzard doing in lore for World of Warcraft Warhounds, everything possible. So Gul'dan created Warhounds instead of Death Knights because he can do it thats why BTW he didn't die just turned into a Warhound.


I wonder would it be even if you could go with a WoL terran against a Hots Terran?
Or will you have a specific SC2 expansion for your mod.
So far it seems like you are focusing on Hots.
Hopefully it is legal to have Hots units in a mod for WoL.
If it isn't you could make several versions of this mod, one for every SC2 expansion that just adds the WC races in multiplayer.
I think that's the easy part because this mod seems to simply add everything of WC into multiplayer with some hybrid maps to support resource intake of both "games".

Good luck.

I must apologize, I just noticed that the WC races will have their Warhounds, at least there doesn't seem to be any mechanical units to attack amongst the WC races, a good weapon against Terran and Protoss mech I guess.

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Rommper Author

well we have to realise that the lack of Warhounds in warcraft was the worst thing ever. The only posibility that it will need hots if we use hots tilelest in the terrain. (and of course you need HOTS to enjoy your awesome Warhounds) and no its not legal to use Hots assests in wol maps

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