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through these tough times, the Aol has struggled to push back the stih empire. Fear not as the people of Dac shall send their best warships to aid in the conflict.

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The people of Dac engineer many variants of their cruisers. Here is one

-A heavy frigate, the mc-40 is armed with 14 turbo lasers, 2 missile launchers, and 18 Ion cannons.

-A capital cruiser, the Mc-80 has redundant shield generators allowing to outlast the ISD mk1. It is armed with 48 turbo lasers and 20 ion cannons

Mc-80 Home One class
-A capital cruiser, the Mc-80 is a very powerful cruiser that holds the same amount of starfighters as a ISD mk1 can hold. It is armed with 36 turbo lasers and 36 Ion cannons

Those are only a few of the Mon Calamari cruisers made at our vast shipyards

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