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Some news on our various 'hosting solutions' and how to donate and fund them.

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Web Servers

Any of you that has visited our current forums will know they perhaps aren't the most pleasant of forums, what with adverts and such dotted around and the occasional lapse of response speed. Yeah, I felt it too.

As a result, we'll be investing in our own web server. Here, we'll host our own forums, our own blog and our own content. Here here! But, alas, everyone wants something for nothing and this is not always feasible. Money is, inevitably, a barrier. So as a result, anyone who is willing to donate is far more than welcome. Far more. You'll help pay for the web server, the domain but you'll also help pay for servers to host WotS games on. You'll help motivate the team even more and inevitably, construct a better environment for WotS to grow in. Your money will water the plants of the Gear Studios greenhouse, in which WotS grows. Sort of. Some how.

Donate over $10 (Or whatever that is in your own currency) and you'll also receive cool items within the game once it's up and access to a shiny member area on the forum. Here, we'll run things by you first. Once game updates, ideas and plans pass through the 'Developer Parliament' they go down to you, the shiny members. If you approve them, they're in. As soon as we have a forum, this'll be set up and used. You'll also get to see new media before others too. As for the items, these won't be game changing items - no no, we don't want you to feel you have to donate to get ahead - but items to make you look nifty, cool or "shiny as we call crap these days." - Ancient, Project Leader

To donate, click here (

Game Servers

Game servers are already waiting in line. Newly-formed allies at will be providing us space on their own, quad core, high speed and high bandwidth dedicated server to host a couple of servers. Other people are volunteering too. We'll put your logo or banner onto the site, the blog and mod DB and give you as much publicity as we can.

Anyone interested in hosting an official WotS server should send me an email or PM here on modDB. We'll take your name, some details and information on the server and scribble it on a sticky note attached to Ancient's monitor. Nearer launch, we'll get back in contact and get things rolling.

Until then, I'm out.

Mapper, Tech Management

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