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Finally, the game is done after nearly 5 years, so what are you waiting for, come join us in the adventure!

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Wanderlust: Rebirth

Welcome to Wanderlust: Rebirth!

The day that Wanderlust: Rebirth is finally released is upon us! It has taken nearly 5 years to finish this journey, and we look forward to supporting and playing with our fellow fans! But alas, this does not mean the end, we will continue to work on and better Wanderlust!

Since the launch of the open beta, we have been actively adding in features from player suggestions to help make the Wanderlust experience that much richer! One of the main issues newer players had with the game was it's difficulty to play single-player. So what have we done to address this concern? Well, for starters we have added a Single-Player option in the options menu (which can be toggled on/off) that makes the game MUCH more balanced for solo play (it only works when you are playing by yourself). On top of that, there will now be an ally NPC in Chapter 1 during solo play that should help even the playing field!

Another common question has been how to craft/augment gear, and instead of us trying to explain this a million times, we decided to add "Help Videos" to the main site and via in-game help menu. You can view the full set of help videos here.

An example of the Augmenting Help Video

On top of the help videos, we added in PC-style chat for anyone who found the classic style chat annoying; now you can chat it up without interruption! We are continuing to add features that we feel will help make the Wanderlust experience more enjoyable for all the players, Trial and Full. Anyone that has suggestions, PLEASE feel free to post them so we can take them into account!

So some of you might be asking, how do I purchase Wanderlust? Well, it is quite simple, all you must do is join/host a game and talk to Gregin. He should have an option to "Purchase Wanderlust", select this and you should see several package offers. Select the one you want to purchase and it should open a webpage. Click the paypal button and go through with the payment process. Once completed, your account should be authenticated shorty and ready to dive into the full game!

So still not sure if Wanderlust is for you? We vigorously typed up a long article trying to convince all of you guys to try Wanderlust out, and if you guys have some extra time you should check it out here.

Matt likes to hear his voice, however
you can find part 2 here.

In the coming days/week, we will be adding in the ability to select male/female versions of the classes, so anyone that has wanted to add more boob-age or manliness, can now fullfill that wish! What is in the long term for Wanderlust? We are looking to expand the Crawl mode to be a bit more in-depth, as well as hopefully expand the world of Wanderlust to other islands!

So what are you guys waiting for!? People are already battling over our epic/craw high score table on our main site, so go grab some friends and try the game out! And PLEASE, post your feedback on our forums so we know how we can better the game! We are listening!

Thanks again, to all of our fans who have followed us over these long years, and we hope you enjoy Wanderlust as much as we do!
-Team Wanderlust

Wanderlust: Rebirth Prologue
Wanderlust: Rebirth Prologue
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sounds amazing
looks like you got a buyer :3

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