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Wanderlust: Rebirth open beta released, along with our "4 the win" competition! Read on!

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Wanderlust: Rebirth
Welcome to Wanderlust: Rebirth

Welcome everyone, on behalf of Team Wanderlust, we are proud to release the open beta of Wanderlust: Rebirth! But before you guys start stampeding over to our official website, there is some useful information to be heard as well as a chance to win a free copy of Wanderlust once the game goes gold on June 14th!

Along with the release of the open beta, we have updated our trailer to better reflect the final product and hopefully keep you guys itching for more:

Experience deadly adventures with your friends by your side!

Along with the updated trailer, we have a slew of updated screenshots to make your mouth water! With the help of our new Character/Illustrator, Lauren Feehery, we have raised Wanderlust to a higher level of polish with updated portraits, backgrounds, and cinema graphics! Coming in the near future (hopefully by June 30th), we will have ALL of the important NPC's with fully illustrated graphics, but in the mean time, enjoy the new eye candy! But wait, that is not all that is new, we are also releasing with a fully redesigned official website that should be a lot easier on the eyes!

To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you,
and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Still on the fence about if this is the game for you? Well fear not, because you can play the first 3 chapters for as long as you want, craft as many items as you like, and crush the skulls of as many enemies as you please! Once you have made up your minds, come June 14th, you will be able to not only purchase the game for yourself, but we will be offering a variety of packages that will allow you to easily give copies of the game to your friends for a discounted price!

With the release of the open beta, we will be launching our first competition, "4 the win", where we will be giving away 4 copies of Wanderlust! This could be your chance to mooch for goodies!

Itching for more? Well, fear not, because you can now "like" us on facebook, or "follow" us on twitter to keep up to date with current news, and just bs with the creators of Wanderlust: Rebirth - the Diablo slayer!

We can't wait to see you in game and fight along side all of you aspiring heroes!

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More Screens!

Wanderlust: Rebirth ScreenshotWanderlust: Rebirth ScreenshotWanderlust: Rebirth ScreenshotWanderlust: Rebirth ScreenshotWanderlust: Rebirth ScreenshotWanderlust: Rebirth ScreenshotWanderlust: Rebirth ScreenshotWanderlust: Rebirth Screenshot
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