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I am happy to present to you updated demo of my game Wanderer of Teandria with game menu, first few achievements, many important fixes and more! You can also find my game in latest Build a Greenlight Bundle 35 on Groupees!

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It has been quite a long time since last big update for my challenging platformer Wanderer of Teandria.

Beta Screenshots

Few days ago i rolled out first public beta version of the game with many major bugfixes, enhanced resolution, game menu and first achievements:
- Resolution of the game was updated to 1280x720 for better graphics
- Game menu added
- Added ability to load saved game (from last checkpoint)
- Added little pause before tip/plot slide skip, now not any key causes skip
- Added additional plot slides before the bosses
- First few achievements added (Mutant, Desert King, Untouchable I, Untouchable II)

As always you can find download link below.

Beta Screenshots

I have also fixed many graphic, level and interface issues (based on community opinion too) for better and more entertaining gameplay:

- It's esier now for player to avoid spikes and Mutant projectiles
- Some graphic files and sounds have been changed or/and added
- Desert King health slightly reduced
- Now player will be teleport out of the bonus level cause of death
- Now it is easier to climb out the quicksand
- Now player will be slower in quicksand or while climbing
- Amount of required points to gain access to second bonus level reduced
- Second bonus level was changed
- Now the player will stand on moving platforms
- Fixed bug when player got stuck in some platforms
- Changed score/fragments display

- Fixed bug with reward after bosses defeat
- Minor fixes

Beta Screenshots

Now you can buy the latest build of the game on Groupees (for a limited time):

Beta Screenshots

On this site i have latest build with even more bugfixes and additions:
- Fixed bug with second boss skip
- Now player will be able to move while standing on moving platforms
- Amount of required points to gain access to second bonus level increased (it was lower than expected)
- Now player will see total game time in the end
- Added more achievements (Treasure hunter I, Treasure hunter II)
- Now you can toggle fullscreen both with 'F' on keyboard and 'Select' on gamepad

Beta Screenshots

Once game got greenlit you will receive Steam key.

Beta Screenshots

Vote for the game:

Wanderer of Teandria Beta (Demo)

Stay tuned and thanks for attention, Silentplaygames

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