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Hello everyone! After one month of work i can finaly introduce you next udpdate which contains new dungeons and some other gameplay upgrades!

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Hello everyone! After month of hard work im back with another update of Void Raiders! Main fetaure of this release is "Data Archive" dungeon and reworked movement system to provide smoother gameplay experience.

version 0.45 changelog

  • Data Archive dungeon aviable
  • Reworked movement system
  • Neon Gardens difficulty slightly increased
  • Gudruns sword swipe damge hugely increased
  • Various bug fixes


Void Raiders - v.0.45

Data Archive

This dungeon provides quite different experience than previous ones. Combination of enemy abilites requires careful positioning and tactical approach paired up with constant advance towards your objective or you ll be swarmed by blaster bots pretty soon.

Blaster - is small, hovering bot armed with small short ranged laser and tries to orbit you while firing to confuse your aim. Their damage is not big and dont have many hit points but usualy come in big numbers to compensate their weaknesses.

Beamer - Standart Void industries mining bot reprogramed to act as guardian bot. These will guard rooms they are spawned in and are armed with threatening mining laser.

Shredder - These are slow, have huge HP pool and have threatening, but short ranged firepower whitch can thrash your hit points within seconds.

Reworked movement/collision system

Im not sure i ll be able to explain this major gameplay improvement by words so thats why i created this little image to help me with explanation. Before, when your character collided with edge of obstacle even by few pixels you become stuck till you moved a bit in to oposite direction. This did not felt right especialy during encounters in tight corridors when you could become stuck and vulnerable to enemy fire quite easily. Thats why i decided to improve movement and collision system of players characters.

The game will try to predict your intended movement direction based on cursor position and when your character ll collide with obstacle the game ll slide your character slowly around the obstacle. It smoothens game feel by a lot even this method of movement prediction is not perfect.

Near future plans

After releasing Data Archive update i ll have to take month(or two months?) long break as hopefuly im moving to new place next week and will be stuck without inernet for couple of weeks and while interenet connection is not something i need for development necesearily there ll be plenty of work around my new home as its condition is far from perfect right now.

Fortunately you dont have to worry, i ll still have some time every day to prepare sprites for new items and artifacts for semi-rogue-like mode which ll be aviable with next update and should expand the game greatly and current content ll feel just like tutorial after i ll be done with it.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the game & dont forget to let me know your opinions!



Wow really cool game, my team and I would love to review this for you on our channel! Give me a pm!

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LurkersLair Author

Thank you, will do!

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So I tried out your latest installment and you definitely made some interesting changes. Some parts of the game feel much harder, which is nice while it feels others have been made much easier. Like the first boss so much easier now that his gun is double fire and total duration has been cut in half, coupled with his missiles and gun being on the same timer instead of separate timers like it felt they used to be. But the second boss now feels like a real boss with the increased spawning rather then a free target.
I can still get to the third boss, but I cant beat him without putting any points into the skill tree. World 3-2 still lags like a mother.
Fourth world is scary when you start out until you realize how little dmg is being dealt to you from the small droids. That and they drop so much health and your passive regen is so high by that point, as long as you don't loose track of where you are, its no real threat. Fourth Boss does not feel hard enough, after facing insta kill lasers, and room filling missiles a floating robot that runs away from you is not a challenge. Especially when you corner it at the end of the train. Im very thankful that the vibrating effects on the train did not mirror that of the pics.
The game has more bugs in it then last time, although good job on fixing some of the major ones(pm me if you want me to tell you the issues i've reproduced). I still greatly enjoy the game and I still highly recommend it for any hold outs who have not tried it yet.

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LurkersLair Author

Hi Thr111!

Thanks for such long comment! First boss: no changes were made, his double fire ability is still the same and missile ability was never tied to any "hard" cooldown, he uses it when he lose his line of sight on you. It just seems like you developed more efficent tactic.
Second boss: Did not touched him at all(in fact i touched all the bosses, but only thing i changed was increasing experience for kill value). However his difficulty was beign discussed allready...its hard decision when half of the players claims hes easy and second half cant get past him:-/
3-2 lags and 3-1 dont? Anyone else having problems with it? Still some more optimalization will be done before game ll go to early access, thanxs for reporting.
Fourth boss: really? I tought he ll be the hardest...well we ll see how many ppl ll complain that hes hard and then we can boost him a bit with next release.

Oh please, PM me about any bug you encountered during gameplay.

Thanks for detailed report!

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