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Virtual Earth Online is nearing full launch and there has been an incredible amount of development going on behind the scenes. We invite everyone to come join us in our open beta and try out the game. Website link at the bottom of this article.

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World version 1.1 has recently gone live for download on the Virtual Earth Online (VEO) website, this version runs from the much improved new servers. VEO now has servers in the USA, Europe, Asia and the games home country Australia.

Maybe some of you are only learning about VEO for the first time, here is the games trailer to view.

For those of you who have been following the development of VEO, you will know the entire game has been written and designed by one man, Rubberman.

Why the name Rubberman?

Because when things get too hard or tough, Rubberman always bounces back!

rubberman at work

Rubberman in his Development Cave

Just below you will see a short video showcasing the much improved game speeds thanks to the new servers.

The game and servers were written using the following languages:

  • ASM (assembly/machine code)
  • Pascal
  • C ++
  • Open GL

The game uses Pascal to interface with windows and handle the TCP sockets.

OpenGL is the graphics interface to the graphics card.

ASM is the main language for running the game, it is faster than any other language.

The server is written in C++ to allow it to maximize 64-bit architecture.

The VEO website has also been upgraded as the player numbers grow. The land buying feature has been re-designed with solid back end programming to handle unlimited players. You should also go check out the improvements to the VEO real estate and trading pages, this is of course where players can make money from the real life economy coming to the game soon.

The website has been written using the following languages:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • AJAX

real estate

VEO Real Estate Page (Paypal)

A number of new textures and objects have also been added to the already huge selection of building materials. There really is some incredible creations taking shape within VEO, players of all ages are letting their imaginations run wild.


Version 5 3


Some of the new textures/materials to build anything, anywhere in VEO

Google Mapping in VEO:

The server pulls the Google Maps & Earth data from the Google servers when a player visits land in the game that has never been discovered before. This allows the server to expand and grow as players discover more land. The data from Google is then analyzed by the server and using ASM it identifies all the features of the land including trees, roads, rivers etc. This data is then converted into Virtual Earth format and saved on the server.

2 screens

Google Mapping of VEO in Dual Screen

Interesting and Fun Facts:

  • The surface area of Virtual Earth Online is 2,040,400,000,000 blocks (2 Trillion)
  • Each block in Virtual Earth is 0.5 meters cubed (an eighth the size of Minecraft blocks)
  • If you walked around the world in the game it would take you 8,015 hours (333 days nonstop, 24 hours a day)
  • Virtual Earth has already generated over 80 billion blocks from Google Earth
  • If the whole Earth was discovered in Virtual Earth our servers would hold 1,044 Terabytes of data
  • Most video game servers allow only a limited number of players to play in the same area at any one time. Virtual Earth servers allow for everyone to be in the world at once. This is new technology!

minecraft v VEO

VEO Blocks v's Minecraft Blocks Size

Coming Soon:

We have new promotional video’s being made up in preparation of launch.

We also are hiring graphic artists to help freshen up the graphics for the game.

Server reset allowing players to purchase and sell land for real money.

New customer service support.


Our customer support procedures are in place and the email is up and running.

You can follow the latest updates on our Twitter page: @VEOtheGame

Official website and open beta registration: Virtual Earth Online

Thank you for your time and we hope to meet up with you in the game.

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