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Footage of the first level of my current project along with a bit of information in regards to it.

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Earlier in 2015, I started working on a game entitled ViralByte. I had eventually reworked that particular game into Ninjahtic Mind Tricks. Currently, I'm developing a game using the title ViralByte, however, this one follows a very different concept. Rather than combining platforming with beat-em-up elements like the previous version, this current version is a cinematic platformer. It’s still very early in development but I will be improving upon it as I go along and like all of my other games, development is handled entirely by myself.

Below is a set of footage I took of myself playing through the first level of the current version of ViralByte:

It is very much influenced by the original Prince of Persia as well as others in the genre, such as the PSX Oddworld titles, INSIDE, Deadlight, Out of This World/Another World, Heart of Darkness, and Flashback. I’ve also been influenced by doujin horror games like Ib, Mad Father, Alicemare, and Misao. The anime that serves as inspiration includes the Monogatari series, Mekakucity Actors, Terror in Resonance, Durarara, and Occultic;Nine.

Other than the aforementioned, the game will involve a bit more stealth than shown in the video. The color palette used is the NES palette with a few changes (only two) that I’ve made to it. The soundtrack follows a very similar concept and will feature chiptune remixes of some of the songs that I haven’t used for any previous games on top of songs I’ve composed exclusively for this game.

More to come!


Very interesting take on the platforming genre... Retro pixel graphics remind me of early 1st gen NES sprites. Looking forward to seeing more! =)

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Wow! Your game looks like it'll be good.

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