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A short video that previews the changes that have been made to the games combat engine by showing off some of the duelist character's abilities and attacks.

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Duelist Video Preview

For more information on the duelist please visit the full hero spotlight here.

Combat Engine

Velisia's game play predominately runs between two screen types, in the tactical map you move your units around the map and use their abilities be they either attacks or support abilities such as heals. All of these abilities and indeed movement as well spends action points which are returned at the beginning of each turn. When you select a target for an ability the game screen switches from the top down tactical map to a side on combat view (as seen above) in which the heroes/villains exchange blows with one another. It is this combat engine that we want to give you a look at today with all its upgraded features since it was last viewed.


- Backgrounds match the location of the targeted units location.
- Ability effects particles removed and replaced by custom made sprites to give more dramatic and unique ability effects.
- Health Bars still not moving! but they will soon.
- Damage Text reflects the type of attack that hit the unit with different colours and text sizes for physical, magical or critical hits.

Feedback on both the new combat engine and the duelist character or his abilities would be most welcome!

Be sure to set yourself as a watcher so not to miss any of our updates and we hope you will come back soon.

Chris Wilson
TC Games
Director/Producer/Lead Designer

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Feedback on both the new combat engine and the duelist character or his abilities would be most welcome!

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Great work :D.

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