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I have released what I consider to be the final version of this game. It is in many ways inferior to past releases but it is in any case the most recent and last one. So now I'm making a sequel...

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I'm done making this game
It seems like I’ve been making this game forever. It was originally being made with libwiisprite and Box2D in the very early days of Wii homebrew although I never did release that initial version or get very much of it done. Later I revived it for PC with DarkGDK and Box2D. Afterwords I kicked the dependency on DarkGDK and restarted again with SDL, OpenGL and Box2D. But I eventually got back into making Wii homebrew using just SDL and so I remade the game a final time using just that (with a self made collision detection system in place of Box2D and no hardware acceleration used in the games rendering). So that is how the game ended up the way it is now. And I'm done with it. No more updates or restarts. it's kind of a relief to wash my hands of it

I'm still making this game
I've started making another They Do Not Die game. How does it differ from past restarts? It has the number two on the end of its title! It is being made primarely for homebrew enabled PS3's with PSL1GHT but there will also be a PC port in the near future made with SDL and OpenGL. There is the potential for a Wii version but I'm not making any promises.

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You should really just develop it for PC first, then port it to other systems.

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