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Version 5.03 is out ! Check what have been updated !

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Version 5.03 is out !

This version contain once again only bugfixes, but more importantely, should fix any issues that were happening when trying to start the mod on Windows XP. Please see the changes bellow.

Changelog :

Playability :
* Using a town portal now send the player to the last town he has visited (and no more to a specified town depending where the player opened the portal)
* Last town visited is now saved separatly for each difficulty

* Updated chinese translation by Cai_Miao

Bugfixes :
* Fixed a bug where last row in Belt UI got drawn at wrong place
* Fixed a bug that allowed player to open locked chests without keys
* Fixed a bug that sometime prevented the player to open a chest when he had keys in his inventory
* Fixed a bug preventing the mod to work correctly under Windows XP

[Update] Le Royaume des Ombres 5.03

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