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Article about the released Version 4 and the features of the first patch and a explanaition of Levelpack 5 plus new Track

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I recently checked the stats and have to say that the fourth Version isn't started very well. Under 30 Downloads and just 8 filled out surveys

Okay, I broke a new visitor record with 227 of you on my site (ehehe) but anyway, a bit more Feedback would be great, maybe a comment, maybe a new follower on twitter or sth. in my Facebook group.
I would be very grateful for sth. like a community, I don't know what I can do else. Any ideas?

THANKS for 2000 visitors, you are great :)

But a huge thanks for the visitors and downloads, I don't want to complain about it, I mean, we even were in the Popular Games field at the right, see here:

Anyway, I realised (for all americans: realized) that the Levelpack 5 isn't good or fun to play and even the controls are shitty. So, because I love to make things good: A patch is coming out next week to replace the full Levelpack 5 and fix some bugs. Yes, the FULL Levelpack 5, here is sneak peak of what I will look like, I want to give you another gaming experience than before so I am going to replace the ugly 3rd person space adventure with a funny mingaming experience like in an old classic game. Okay, everybody understood it? (: Just install it over the old game and you will be able to have fun in a new dimension...Yes, red/blue 3D is also going to be patched, have fun with it.

Gravix OST - Space by Calined


looks very good!

i think a shoot'em'up will be much better than the flytrough ;)

i love this game!

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Is there anyway I can get rid of the commander did who keeps telling me if it's to hard to press (P)?

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TheLiam Author

Well, just Press Space..Or P ;)

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