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Grand Theft Auto Myriad Marie 3.0 - Great Update!!!

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MyriadMarie has been totally reworked. The characters have been fully changed and they use only their original names and personal information.

You play as 18-year-old Marie Rose from Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. She found many friends in the cities om Myriad and Grand Tani. Also you can see some Marie's childhood flashbacks.




Character List:

- Marie Rose (age 18): the playable character, a girl who just graduated the Myriad City School #40.

- Adeline Strap (age 18): Marie's neighbor and the Student Of The Year (2019). Graduated school with lots of A's.

- Valerie Noble (age 18): a student from Myriad City School #40.

- Commandfame Alaby (age 18): a student from Myriad City School #40.

- Aminah Muhammad (age 17): a student from Myriad City School #40.

- Vito Scaletta (age 43): one of the educators from Myriad City School #40. He gives Mary gameplay tips.

- The Leivos (age 55-65): they live on the same island where Marie lives. She protects their garden from wolves.

- The Juncuevos (age 45-55): a family from Grand Tani. Demetrius' sister Irene is also an educator from Myriad City School #40. Her son George Piman was disliked by many students.

- The Cepagues (age 18-19): two young women from Myriad City. They tell Marie about their life.

- The Redgraves (age 7): two half-demon twin boys from Devil May Cry - Dante and Vergil. They live in Grand Tani.

- Laura Shepherd-Sunderland (age 7): an orphaned girl from Silent Hill. Lives in Grand Tani and looks for a foster family for herself.

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