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Version 2.2 is out!! Some new features and fixes. Click the title above for details.

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Version 2.2 is out!! Some new features and fixes.

IdeasMan IdeasMan

  • I updated the weight of the guns to be more accurate. Thanks go to Gabester on for noticing the discrepancy in the pistol weights. I went back and reviewed the weight of all the weapons and updated them. I then had to update all the properties that the weight of the gun affected: movement speed, recoil, etc. This also led me to notice some other discrepancies.
  • The weapon lengths have been changed in the game to be proportional to the actual weapon lengths. This lets you get closer to obstacles with shorter weapons.
  • So I’ve noticed some disturbing properties to the game. When you walk your accuracy increases tremendously, when you are crouched your accuracy remains the same, and when you use a laser sight your accuracy decreases a lot! This appears to be a mistake made by Ubisoft when they went from Vegas 1 to Vegas 2 because Vegas 1 doesn’t have this problem. I’ve fixed this so:
  • The walking modifier is now proportional to the gun length and weight. It is easier to maintain accuracy with shorter lighter weapons where as longer heavier weapons you are better off standing still.
  • The crouching modifier is now proportional to the gun length and weight. It is easier to maintain accuracy with all weapons when crouched but more so with longer heavier weapons.
  • The laser sight now gives you a small increase in accuracy.
  • I fixed the ACOG and rifle scope sighting problems! Now the ACOG is available on most submachine guns and all assault rifles, shotguns, and LMGs, and even some sniper rifles. The rifle scope is also available for most submachine guns and assault rifles and all LMG’s and shotguns. The sniper scope is an option for all assault rifles that don’t have the rifle scope option.
  • The ratings in the gun selection menu have been updated to reflect these changes.

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rusinapulla - - 1 comments

Just downloaded it and tested a bit, and it made an impression,
it's the best realism mod for R6V2 now.
Now I can play some more Vegas 2 with my friends =D
keep up with the good work! ;)

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