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Version 2.01 is out ! Check what have been updated !

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You can now download version 2.01 of the mod.

This version include several new improvement to the mod : Act 2 got some modifications, and the item system have been redesigned. Some changes have also been done to monsters.

Here are the two main features explained :

1. Improvements to act 2 :
Players now can find souls on act 2 superuniques monsters, wich will allow them to craft new unique items. Also, some areas on act 2 got many variations so each time you make your journey trough this act, it will be different. Keep in mind that not all areas have been done. This update focus mainly on underground areas.

2. New item system :
A lot have changed item related : Now, items dosen't need a specific path to be used, so this open a lot more combinaisons and build. Existing runewords and unique items have been rebalanced, and they are more random now. Also, this update include the firsts set items into the mod ! They drop in both act 1 and 2.

Changelog :

* Items now require a gear level to be equiped (Instead of the path level). Gear level is increased by paths skills
* Amulets now require a gear level to be equiped
* Reduced the value that can spawn for some magic properties
* Added 27 new sets, each one has 6 items
* Superuniques monsters in act 2 now drop theirs souls
* Adjusted properties on runewords and existing unique items
* Fixed the size of some items in the inventory
* Weapons now show in their description the bonus damage they got from strength and dexterity
* Armors now show in their description the amount of malus to speed they involve
* Starting items now have an unused upgrade slot
* Reduced the item level required for +skilltab properties to apear from 30 to 24
* Mystic formulas, artefacts and souls now display the gear level the character must have to use thems
* Runewords that was only avaible in one type of an item are now aviable in all types of the item (ex: Light pants only runewords can now be done in light, medium and heavy pants)

* Increased base walk/run speed of all characters
* Armors now decrease the speed of the character. Heavy armors decrease it more than light or medium armors

* Greiz has been removed from Caldeum ruins
* Added Asariesha to caldeum ruins. She will allow you to hire hirelings
* Reduced the size of both levels of the Xiansai cave in act 2
* Added variations of 10 maps in act 2
* When the player use a town portal in the Underground passage or in the Forest of whispers, it is send back to Partha instead of Toraja. The same is true when the player leave the game in one of theses areas
* The portal opened by tyrael at the end of act 2 now lead the player to the right location

* Reduced life of level 2 monster by 75%, level 3 monsters by 50% and level 4 monsters by 25% to make the beggining of the game less boring
* Veteran monsters now have their name followed by 'Veteran' instead of having it in their monster description
* Champions monster can now only loot 3 items instead of 4
* Added a new monster rank : Elite. They are more powerfull than Champions monsters. They have the following differences from normal monsters (not including special affixes they have) :
- +150% XP rewarded
- +100% defense
- +100% attack ratting
- +150% damage for first attack and 2nd attack
- +375-450% life
- Doubled chance to block
- Doucled chance to land a critical hit
- All speeds increased by 30% (Normal), 60% (Nightmare), or 90% (Hell)
- Pierce player fire, cold, lightning and poison resistances by 30% (Normal), 60% (Nightmare), or 90% (Hell)
- Reward always 4 items, at least magic quality.
* Increased challenge from Superuniques monsters with the following :
- +100% attack ratting
- Doubled chance to block
- Doucled chance to land a critical hit
- All speeds increased by 30% (Normal), 60% (Nightmare), or 90% (Hell) (Instead of 20%, 40% and 60% respectively)
- Pierce player fire, cold, lightning and poison resistances by 30% (Normal), 60% (Nightmare), or 90% (Hell) (Instead of 20%, 40% and 60% respectively)


* Chilling victory : This skill now display the damage it doses on the stat screen
* Vitrue Strike : This skill can no longer hit multiple time the targeted monster
* Bes Tah Hammer : Increased base magic damage to 5-11

* Colossus : Increased base fire damage to 7-17 - This skill now increase life regeneration instead of attack speed

* Fixed some translation errors in the description of mystics formulas

* Fixed a bug that granted more life than intended to rares monsters minions
* Fixed some issues on skills that prevented them to show theirs bonus
* Fixed a bug that made the Sorceress Fire Elemental to disapear and being stuck when hit by a knockback attack
* Fixed a bug preventing some champions or rare monsters to drop any items
* Fixed a bug preventing some Veteran monster to spawn in the intended area
* Fixed a crash bug while starting the mod using Glide (thanks weapon-x)
* Fixed a cube recipe preventing a mystic formula to work

Please note :
- Any character you have will not be compatible with this version. You unfortunately need to start a new one. If you can't start any game, even with a new char, you must go in your save folder and delete the shared stash file.

Download version 2.01 (Auto install) - Download version 2.01 (Manual install)

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