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Version 1.21 of CheatCommands Mod is now released!

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Change log:
[23.10.2013] [Version 1.21] Bug fixes
- Fixed being unable to spawn entities on snow - Added Util.DestroyIce
- Destroys ice at mouse position
- Added Util.SplitSquads
- Splits a squad. 4 man squad -> 2 * 2 man squad
- Added Util.SetOwnedByEnemy
- A quick way to set stuff owned by enemy player
- Added 5th "Alt Mode" - Spawn props on mouse (pickupable weapons, props)
- Hided long hotkey texts in commander selection bar
- Spawn.SlotItemAtMouse (Assings slot items to selected squads) now sets relevant slot item droprate to 100%.
- Might have forgotten something. It has been a long time since last update.

Please see downloads section for obtaining the latest version of CheatCommands mod.
Please see tutorials section for getting started with CheatCommands mod.

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