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The second expansion update for Adventures of FrikiBoy has just been released. Check the article for a complete list of what's new!

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Adventures of FrikiBoy 1.2 is out! You can get it from the Downloads page here on IndieDB. It is also available via GameJolt and Desura.

*** WARNING! *** This update introduces a major change to the save system. Save files from previous versions of the game will no longer work. If you're currently playing any of the adventure mode episodes and don't want to start over, you might want to wait until you finish the game in progress before applying the update. All other data (unlocked options, survival mode highscores and preferences) will carry over to version 1.2 just fine.

So... what's the big deal with this update?

The key feature of this expansion is the addition of the "Treasure Hunt" game mode. This extra episode can be unlocked by beating the main quest (or by using the GameJolt login). It will put your exploration and puzzle solving skills to the test with a completely new map full of hidden pastries. There are more than 500 valuable sweets to be found in this brand new scenario. Will you be able to get all of them...?

This new game mode also includes 10 new trophies that you can unlock in your GameJolt profile.

Adventures of FrikiBoy: Treasure Hunt mode

Nice! But... what else has changed since previous versions?

  • Various graphical improvements: new animations for the player character, flashlight beam and some other extra effects (save point glow, etc)

  • The status bar now displays both the killed enemies ratio and the collected treasure ratio. Now you can check your progress at any moment, without having to beat the quest.

  • Applied some small difficulty balance changes to the main quest.

  • When the player enters a room, enemies too close to that entrance will now be slightly moved away from that point. This helps preventing the room to become blocked by a cluster of enemies, and also gives the player a chance to react.

  • The main menu has been reorganized. The bonus quest "The Gazpacho of Youth" can be now found next to the main quest in the "Adventure Mode" submenu. Both the "Survival" and "Treasure Hunt" game modes are now grouped under the "Extra Mode" submenu.

  • Unlocked menu options are now hilighted with a "NEW!" sign to let the user know they are available.

  • The saving system has been improved. Each map (main quest, bonus quest and treasure hunt) has now its own exclusive save slot.

  • When using the GameJolt feature, the game will sync the Survival Mode local scoreboard with the public online leaderboard.

  • The GameJolt login box now shows an error message when the login fails.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the PC to become stuck in a wall when crossing from one room to another.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the PC to appear on the wrong side of the screen when moving from one room to another.

  • Fixed a bug with the "Retry" option in the "Mission Accomplished" menu.

Ok, ok. Where and how can I get this new version?

Download from IndieDBDownload from GameJoltDownload from Desura

If you're using the standalone download from IndieDB or GameJolt, you just have to download the .ZIP file and overwrite the old game files with its contents if you want to upgrade.

DESURA USERS, PLEASE NOTE: Due to Desura not being currently able to authorize new games and updates, you can't install this new version of the game using their client app at this moment. However, it is available through the "download direct" option if you click the "Install game" button in our Desura page.

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