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Version 1.0 is in the works. There's lots to do. Join the Guilded.

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Version 1.0 is in the works right now!

I and some others are working to make a version 1.0 of the mod.

It will feature may, many things!

  • Research mechanics updated.
  • Sounds updated.
  • More fitting music added (Dune 2000/E:BFD)
  • Proper tech tree.
  • Many needed visual updates.
  • Loads more units added.
  • Sarduakar added.

If you want to see specifics or the rest of the changes then come join the Guilded server:


Another thing, a client is in the works and is available early on for donators. Probably will be released to the public without needing to donate.

Client Preview

Speaking of donating, the Guilded server has memberships available for a low cost. You can get some cool stuff such as early access, client access as previously mentioned and more. It has only been made recently, so more things will be available for those tiers.


That is all i wanted to say, more stuff coming soon.

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