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Happy New Year everybody, just thought I'd write a post to update you all on the current progress of the game and also to showcase some of the new features I've added to the game.

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I thought that I'd add a side view seeming as someone was skeptical in the last update post...
Version 0.3c (Alpha)

Progress is coming along nicely, a couple more core systems need to be implemented and then it'll be smooth sailing from there. So we're hoping to have a beta build ready for either the end of January or at the latest the beginning of February.

Also, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have become fans of the game as you've helped us get to the front page of BYOND. And also to the alpha testers, those of you who have given feedback and suggestions have helped considerably!

Added: Methods for players to evolve into something more than human, becoming anything from Angels to Vampires is now possible.
Added: Two new races, one secret and only accessible to those who find out how to become one and the Fae.
Added: Sun and Moon stones, guarded by the Fae and also capable of bestowing Humans with the power of the Fae.
Added: Added the ability to view the game at your screens maximum resolution. (It was previously fixed to a set resolution and you couldn't maximize the game)
Added: Removed all of the previous clothes and began to add them again, improving on their design and style as they were previously made by three different of people.
Added: Death, when your character dies you now turn into a ghost above your body and said body can be looted or even brought back to life.
Added: Began adding more abilities, including Dark Gifts, Mutations and Soul Powers.
Added: Added the ability to conquer and manage settlements, so players can now own their own towns and villages.
Added: The ability to keep a list of friends, allowing you to message them when they're offline and talk with them privately when they're online.

Fixed: During alpha testing a ton of bugs have been fixed so far, including issues with: swimming, falling, casting spells, damage, mining, picking items up, language, roleplaying, pvp, building and crafting.

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