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Version 0.19.5 has been released today! many bug fixes dialog changes and skills are added!

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I will work on adding Map 3 which Allen has so nicely given me.0.19.5 contains new dialog for all Chars. and the addition of skills
[3] Fatigue
[1] Fishing has been added!
the fish that can be caught are Trout and Puffer-Fish
Trout can be caught at level 10
Puffer-Fish can be caught at level 200
there is 2 more types of fish that were added but can not be caught
to obtain the fishing skill talk to the fisherman on the dock in MAP 2
any water in MAP 2 can be used to fish
to find out what your Fishing Skill is talk to the fisherman after you obtain the Fishing Skill
[2] Combat added
Every 10 Combat Skill levels you get 1 real level
the good part of the combat area is you can fight high level monsters with out having to
worry about being killed, and you get to collect the reward the monster drops (gold, exp)
the combat area will be included in map 3 which will be added in 0.2 as will the fishing skill
each Combat level can be purchased for 250 Combat exp. which can only be obtained in the
combat area, Combat exp. is different from your normal exp.
[3] Fatigue
Fatigue was added to vary exp. gain for Skills
Fatigue is gained every time you use a Skill like Fishing ( for later skills as well ). until you
reach 100 Fatigue you can keep working on skills but you most likely would not receive any
exp. or fishing chance due to the way that the exp. gain system works ( fishing chance =
fishing chance ( 0 ) + fishing skill = X - Fatigue ) (Combat exp. - Fatigue = X + Combat Reward
exp.) so your combat exp. can actually go down ( combat exp. is not your Combat Skill level
but it is used to purchase Combat Skill Levels ( another use for it will later be added )

have fun

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