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As we slowly but surely get back on track, we are making some pretty major adjustments to the vehicles.

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Now that we are falling back on track, we will be and are adding some new vehicles and features.
Perfect for those who not only like to run over the Walking Corpses, but also want to take a bloody and rusty SUV for a spin across the town of Bullworth.

Expect to see busses, cars, motorcycles and even helicopters. You name it.
It should be mentioned that the picture shows off the first actual vehicle replacement that we have done thus far.

Helicopters won't be driveable, but they will play a decent part in the storyline.
Cars, motorcycles and busses will be driveable by the player and other fellow survivors, which can be used to run over both zombies and fellow enemies.

Vehicles can be obtained via completing various of quests, finding hidden items or breaking into an enemies camp and stealing them (despite being extremely risky).

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