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Vegas 2 Realism Mod v2.4.4 is here!!! I played R6 Siege for a while and I just couldn't get into it and found myself returning back to R6V2. My biggest problem with the game is the inability to customize my character's weapons and armament in order to play the way I like. You just pick characters with fixed loadouts. The NPC enemies and their tactics are very generic; very little variation and you can't make mods for it. So I just had to return to R6V2 and teak my mod a little bit more.

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Vegas 2 Realism Mod v2.4.4 is here!!!

Due to popular demand I have completely revamped the shotguns. They now have more realistic recoil, damage, range, penetration and pellet spread. The lower damage is balanced out by the tighter spread. Good for run and gunners with decent aim. Especially good against tight groups. Aim for the head!
I may be jumping the gun here, but in anticipation of Beck Defense's upcoming release of the .510 Beck round and a complete upper for the AR-10 and SR-25, I have now updated the Knight's Armament SR-25 Mk11 Mod 0 to fire the .510 Beck. This round has nearly the energy as a 7.62 NATO but at subsonic speeds and with a big heavy bullet that just keeps on going. One drawback is lower capacity, but it is still worth it.
I removed the 3-round burst from the MTAR-21 (Thanks to Jose21crisis on for pointing this out.) and changed the name to CTAR-21 to more accurately reflect the weapon model in the game. Also pointed out by Jose21crisis, the HK XM8 is being used by the Malaysian military and could potentially be purchased by Rainbow.
I also made a few minor tweaks in the game that should make it even more enjoyable. Happy gaming!





good news, good work

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Can I please have some help? I'm actually just new at adding modules into a Tom Clancy game, and I don't seem to have the 'mod' or 'module' folder at my Rainbow Six Vegas 2 game folder.

Can you please help? Thanks.

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