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A Review from the guy who couldn't sit through another vampire movie. I am sorry if this offends anyone. It's my opinion after all.

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Let me just get this out right away. Vampires Suck sucks. Horrible story (it's Twilight isn't it? HA!) not so good characters (once again, Twilight!) and much more. However, being a guy with a girlfriend that unsurprisingly likes vampire movies, I got to say, I enjoyed how much the movie ripped on Twilight.

Seeing as I pretty much summed up how sucky the film is and how much I hate vampire movies, this will be VERY short. Horrbile, Horrible, Gut Renching, Diarrhea inducing suckiness is what Vampires Suck is about. Like I said before, I HATE vampire movies. The crappy story and below 3rd grade grammar is what the film makes fun of the most, not to mention cracking jokes at "Were-chihuahuas" and the Black-Eyed Peas. All in all, I hated every aspect of the film other then how it made fun of Twilight.

I give Vampires Suck a 1 out of 5. (0 is not possible for this. It made fun of that other vampire movie didn't it?)

PeterHat - - 731 comments

I give it -72 out of 5. I'm surprised nobody made a parody of this -_-

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Psychedelic_Snake Author
Psychedelic_Snake - - 68 comments

I would love to see a parody of a parody and so on. The circumstances alone would be kind of funny.

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Mr.Walrus - - 5,806 comments

Its pretty damn sad when you cant even make fun of twilight.

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