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this is it the 1.5 is out go to check more details on our page

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hi, this is it the v1.5 is finally out we take a lot of time but now it's done.The V1.5 it's a prerealease of the V2 so be indulgent , a patch V2 will come after atlantis minimod will be done.

we are still seraching some new member to help us to made a very great mod.

An Animator for all the animation related to the characters.

And an Mapping/Modeller who knows to create 2dfx in SA like lamp or other.

all of your suggestions or your help are welcome

installation process:
Please install this mod on a clean version of GTA San Andreas . You also need San Andreas Mod Installer ( SAMI ) to install some models , this is very important !!

step 1 : lauch the auto instal
step 2 : choose a clean instal of San Andreas
step 3 : instal it and close setup
step 4 : in your desktop , a link will be create using San andreas mod Installer , for those who don't have it you can found it here
when sami is working clik on the link

step 5 : choose the directory where you instal 1.5 and instal
step6 : now you can play.

Hi ! ,
First , thank you for playing this Mod ! In this file , you will learn how to use some features of the mod.
NOTE : Your old SaveGames will not work anymore with this mod , so start a new game .
A tutorial is available at the beginning of the game , it's the Red Marker just in front of you , in this tutorial you will learn how to use the StarGate and the spaceships of the mod .
With a DHD :
Start the dial : Action Key
Use all your keyboard to type a correct address (7 Symbols) on the DHD , if the address is not correct , the dial will fail .
StarGate Activation/Desactivation : ENTER
At the SGC or at the Rebellion's Base :
Choose a destination : Action Key near the computers
You just have to select a destination in the little Menu and the StarGate will start to dial .
CUTSCENE/INSTANT StarGate Travel Mode : To choose the cutscene or the instant travel mode , you have to press the "-" key .

The SGC has many features :
The Iris : Near Walter Harriman , press "Action" and the Iris will close . Same operation to open it . Walter Harriman will close the Iris during an Off-World Activation . So if you want to control the Iris , you have to kill him X-) .
Security Shutter : You can close the Security Shutter of the control room , you have to press "Action" near the scientist beside Walter Harriman . This Scientist will close the Security Shutter when you enter the SGC as a Jaffa .
Start the Dialing sequence : If you press "Action " beside the 2nd scientist , a little menu will appears to select your destination

Elevator : In the corridor beside the Embarkation Room of the SGC , you will find an Elevator ( choose the smaller one ) , beside this Elevator , press "Action" , a little menu with the different levels of the SGC will appear .

Small Spaceships :
The Small Spaceships are the Deathglider , the Puddle Jumper and the F302.
To enter these spaceships , the first time you have to use the "Action" key , after , you can enter these spaceships like normal vehicles .
The Puddle Jumper is a little bit different because you can open/close the wings with the combo : "Handbrake+Horn" . If the wings are open , you can launch drones with the key "Next Radio Station" .
Medium Spaceships :
The Medium Spaceships are the Al'Kesh and the Tel'Tak .
As the small spaceships , you have to use the "Action" key the first time but the second time , you have to use the key "Crouch" to enter the ship .
Large Spaceships :
X-303 Prometheus :
The X-303 Prometheus is available on Earth .To spawn it , you have to go on Earth ; go to the Petterson base ; you have to stand just in front of the little house beside the warehouse , you'll be transported inside the warehouse . Now you have to press "Action" near the Prometheus to spawn it .
Prometheus controls : "B" to go Forward ; "Exit Vehicle" to exit the Prometheus in a F-302 and "Crouch" near the Prometheus to drive it again .
Hat'Ak :
You can drive the Hat'Ak in the desert ( only this one ) .To drive it , you have to use the Transport Rings near the Rhino ( just beside the pyramid ) and kill the Jaffas inside . After that , go to the Pel'Tak and press "Action" just in front of it . In the Hat'Ak you can also find some weapons .
Hat'Ak controls : "B" to go Forward ; "Exit Vehicle" to stop driving the Hat'Ak ; "Action+Sprint" to exit the Ha'Tak in a Deathglider and if you want to drive the Hat'Ak again you have to press "Action+Previous Weapon"

Transport Rings====================================

To use the transport rings , you need to go on a red marker and stay on it . You can find this Transport rings at the top of Mount Chiliad , in the Rebellion's Base or in the Area69 to go in the Hat'Ak

Play as a Jaffa =====================================

To play as a Jaffa , you have to go in the Hat'Ak and find the room with the beds and you will become a Jaffa if you go on the Red Marker.If you do this , you'll not be attacked in the Hat'Ak , the DeathGlider will not try to kill you and the soldiers near the StarGate will not attack you . But if you go to the SGC , you'll be shot .

With a Spaceship , go very high and you'll be transported in Space . You can go to Earth with some spaceships by using the HyperSpace . To use the HyperSpace , press the key "Fire" and a little menu will appear with the different destination . To enter a planet , just go near the planet .
Requiem Of San Andreas==============================
The Requiem Of San Andreas is a mission which explains the situation during the arrival of Râ on San Andreas . This mission exists in two different versions . In the first version , you'll have to defend the Area69 in a plane . In the second version , you'll be a soldier in the Area69. You can start these missions if you go to Verdant Meadows , you'll find two red markers)
If you do this two missions , you will have something !!! ;-)

Free StarGates======================================
If you want to place a StarGate and its DHD somewhere , press the key "F6" and a StarGate will appear just in front of you . You can place the StarGate as you want with the keys "1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , + and -" , you have to place the DHD too ...To confirm a placement , press the key "Enter". You can place 2 StarGates everywhere . You can place it in the water or in the air for example .
NOTE : If the DHD is too much far from the StarGate , you will have some problems .

Locations of the different Spaceships====================
Puddle Jumper : You can find a Puddle Jumper on San Andreas in the cavern on Mount Chiliad
DeathGlider : You can find a DeathGlider near the Rhino just beside the Pyramid on San Andreas .( Area69 )
F-302 Fighter : You can drive a F-302 only if you exit the X-303 Prometheus .
Tel'Tak : You Can find a Tel'Tak near the StarGate at Arco Del Oeste .
Al'Kesh : A Al'Kesh is available in Las Venturas' AirPort .
X-303 Prometheus : The Prometheus is available on Earth in its WareHouse .
Hat'Ak : You can find the drivable Hat'Ak above the Area69 .

Locations of the weapons=============================
Goa'Uld Staff Weapon : You can find this weapon in the Hat'Ak , in the room just before the Pel'Tak
Zat'Nik'Ktel : This weapon is available in the Hat'Ak too , you'll find it with the Goa'Uld Staff Weapon
Goa'Uld Staff Canon : You can find this weapon at the emplacements of the Mini-Gun .
FN P90 : You can find this weapon on Earth , in the SGC ( LV28 ) .
MP5 : The MP5 is just beside the P90 .

Easter Eggs!!========================================
As in the first version of this Mod ,we placed not one but 5 Easter Eggs in this version !! If you find this Easter Eggs , please don't say it to anyone and don't try search it in the files of the game J If you find an Easter Egg , please send a picture of it to Onikage56 (Zero) or to Gaï-Senseï ( Microman) on ModDB ! We had some troubles with the Easter Egg in the Version1 so PLEASE don't talk of this Easter Eggs to anyone ! Thanks a lot J

StarGate San Andreas Rebellion V1.5 made by the Black Knights Order team :
Coding/Mod Leader : _______________________________________Zero/Onikage56
Mapping/Modeller : ________________________________________Microman/Gaï-Sensei

Special thanks to :
Varsaigen____________________________For his awesome model of the Zat'Nik'Ktel gun !
ZAZ( _________________________for the staffweapon.
All the fans on ModDB ________________________________For their encouragements :-D



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Greate job they have done with this mod...
Only one question... it haves Atlantis to?
What is the code? to dial on stargate rings????
Continue all this greate job...
sorry for my english

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Atlantis is not in the V1.5 ...
You have to win the codes by finish all the missions of the mod ( available at the desert airport )

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or is it?

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Le code est aléatoire? J'ai déjà réussi a le trouver, mais a chaque fois la combinaison change... GG pour ce que vous avez fait quand même :bave:
Je pense avoir la plus part des Easter Eggs =P

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can't get into the promotheus...i press "Action" but nothing happens...

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Onikage56 Author

you have to be under the word 303 for that XD i will increase the radius in the patch V2 like that this problem will be remove

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ohh okay :D should stand in the readme^^

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Petterson base ?

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i have no idea where it is either have u found out?

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sorry guys but where is the prometheus and what is petterson base?

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go to the sgc and go to the elevator and go to rdc and then go to th red mark and press tab petterson base tada

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hi guys :) first off i want to congradulate you on a job well done! Second: are there any pegasus planets in 1.5? cause atlantis is and i just wondered... plus it would be pointless to have all those jumpers in atlantis if you could only go with them to the sgc where you get stuck in the gateroom?

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