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What will be in GTA SA Retweaked 0.9 beta? This will show you most (or some of the change). The mod is not big anyway.

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You can download it in the file section.

v 0.9 beta
Make armor upgrade progess as your game percentage progress.
More variety of peds spawning in every city.
Fix a bug of having drug dealers spawn almost everywhere.
Drug dealers drop less money.
Adjusted price of foods and goods

Denise has more HP
Rural cowboys gangster now appear in countryside and desert town.

Extend gang war zone as the game progress.
Raise food price to not be too cheap for in-game economy.
Change relationship between gangs as you progress in storyline.
Four dragon casin is now a money generating asset after 'Fish in a Barrel' mission.
Missions 'Farewell, My Love', 'Are You Going to San Fierro?', 'Wear Flowers in Your Hair' and 'Home Coming' now require some money to start.
Tougher Grove street guy (making them a little more useful)
San Fiero Rifa now have some weapon instead of barehanded

Gangs relationship changes through storyline
Gangs now dislike cop, Except country gang and some others.
Local liquor store are now feature better robber models.
Increase Burglary mission reward

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Issue reported! Missing GXT (text) file. Will fix in the next version.

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The 0.91 version now available in the files section!

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hahaha this is original san andreas

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