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An overdue update to "Epicness". From Urisis the Darkthrone. It' has a new name take a look at the pic.

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Hello My Epic Fans, I bring all of you a late an overdue update to Urisis The Darkthrone, starting by mentioning that of course it may not be finished until next year, yeah sorry dudes. Officially I should of not have had an official release date but, I should keep it realistic and provide for an estimated release date, which is April to June 2015, if not earlier. Enough of the jabber jabber, let's get going with what I've created and changed so far. First the stages themselves where a little crummy in my respects, so a lot of the present stages have changed, and by that I mean they are very elaborate in design and background,foregrounds. Play the third dungeon stage and you'll know exactly what I mean. Second this is pretty because I've got a unique approach to the "endings", in Urisis. For one you will have to replay the game at least once or twice to unlock the many other hidden easter eggs and guess what, the alternate endings. Wow, you say, wow you will get bro. In continuity to what I have done before with the placing of hidden items across the stages, I have now tied this in with an official epic multiple ending, sweet, strategy in delivering replay value to a plus. Yup It has been done. Oh and you will be able to download two different Urisis files. One with the original music tracks and that of the revamped professional tracks. Bought me a pack of real sfx, and I will be using them. Oh and finally GM has been in the works of integrating game export to XBOXONE and PS4, now that my friend, will be like having all my work pay off, all 6 frigging years, worth... And finally third the temporary problems, I've dived into the integration of the battle arena mode where, you fight a fellow player two throwing projectiles, punching swinging and whatever's, I might throw at you. This needs a few months to get finished it's very simple but I've already built similar games like this battle arena mode. The "Merciless" mode rocks. And then we've myself trying to fit work, and blah, blah, blah... I've got some issues with a lot with myself, and Urisis is gonna have to put up with my crap!!! All in all you all should be very excited because I need to see some support, thanks, brother Falanca, again for those proud musical compositions.See ya. John P. @ Bloodshadow Games

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Hey is that a moon, yeah maybe.

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