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Urban Assault is still alive! Even on 2021, check this news article and join our community right now.

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(Past updates: Mid 2014- Late 2018)

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Official Urban Assault Discord

MarioSDUX's Youtube Channel

Hey there! Leather Jacket here (formerly LloydGarcia). This article is for everyone around ModDB that thinks Urban Assault is dead. Twenty years after it's initial release the game is pretty much alive and still kickin'

A lot of stuff happened over the past two years, so this article needed a lot of cleanup and updating (last update was during late 2018). First of all, the former "Offical" sever was shut down last year due to some controversy regarding power abuse and lack of freedom of expression by the former adminstrator Fragger. Needless to say, this server was never officialy approved nor endorsed by the former forum owner GoldStar611. After this event a new server was made, with a new administration composed of CharlotteLabyrinth, a really valuable member of the community who always hanged out in the forums and then became moderator, Deetex and Lilia. As months passed by GoldStar slowly faded away from the community, and the forums dissapeared alongisde him, as they were shut down early this year.

Don't panic! As the current staff roster, alongside a few volunteers are doing their best to bring back all the lost content asap, including the Forums, Wiki and making the FTP publicly accesible once more. Huge thanks to them for their effort on making the community a better place during these last few months.

UA:Source is still in active development by Zidane (Again,not the football player, but a UA player), and a lot of progress has been made since this post was last updated. Many of the issues present two years ago are hotfixed. Currently Zidane is working in a fully-functional recreation of multiplayer. It's still in early stages but it's a huge step towards making UA fully playable on modern OS without the issues that plaged the game ever since Windows 10 was released. Thanks to him as well for the great effort he's been doing for the community these past years.

Remember that you can have your original UA copy and Source on the same folder. Source uses a different .exe so your original files and game won't get modified at all. This means you can ultimately run the game and play multiplayer with UA.exe if you desire. For more info about installing Source please join Discord (linked above) and write your questions in the #tech-support channel.

Regarding Fan-Made Multiplayer Patches: 1.6 was released during late 2020 by me in colaboration with fellow members Fleurenz^Schweiz, MarioSDUX and pcsx . This new fan-patch finally got rid of the obsolete Helipatch (made by Bronsteijn24k) and replaced it with a new .exe fix made by Zidane and makes it easier to see which version of the "fanmade" patch you're playing by displaying the current version number in the Main Menu. No other mayor changes were made from 1.05.09 to 1.6 because we felt unit and map balance was good as it is right now and no other major issues were detected. However be aware that if we wanted to make any balance change people should vote whenever they agree or disagree with such changes first, since we're trying to avoid making any arbitrary changes based on biased opinions and without asking the community first, like MarioSDUX did when developing his "Fanmade 2.0" patch with the intention to replace 1.05.09.

We strongly encourage the use of either Vanilla version or the fanmade 1.6 Patch when playing Multiplayer games on either Hamachi or Gameranger. Please do not cheat, our community is really small and only a bunch of people play multiplayer, don't make this experience something bad for them. Be kind and let them have a fair fight!

Regarding any future updates, i'm going to quote a message from the Discord Sever back when 1.6 was first released (07/11/2020):

For now, there are no plans of releasing a 1.7 patch until Zidane gets Open:UA full Multiplayer support. We're very limited on what we can do. [...] We're just providing continous support to 1.6.

Grab your 1.6.0 Copy Here.

Last but not least quick PSA my UA-related channel was deleted due to inactivity and lack of interest in updating more content. You can still find UA-related videos in MarioSDUX's channel (with the now obsolete 1.05.09 Patch)

MarioSDUX vs RHINO-85

4P FFA Rushour

3P FFA The Last Stand

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Hello LloydJara. I'm excited after knowing that many people still play Urban Assault on Multiplayer. By reading your text, i see i need the 1.05.09 patch, but i can not find it anywhere. I wondering if the patch is very necessary to play online or it's only to improve the game experience.
Anyway, if you can explain me how to use the patch or if there is any way to play UA on multiplayer with GameRanger (I already have an account called MykoGhor_1552) without patch with a local friend, for example... thank you and have a nice day

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♣LløydGarcía♣ Author

This article got updated!

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Hello; are you still active on this project? I wish you dont let it go!

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♣LløydGarcía♣ Author

Hello, our community is still alive and kickin' You can join our discord sever here:

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♣LløydGarcía♣ Author

Updated once again!

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