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What has been done last week, and what still needs to be done.

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Well, here comes the weekly update:
Changed sky texture
All zombies in level 1 are now more creepy
Woman01_02, Monsterzombie01_01, Monsterzombie01_02, and venicegan03_01 have been edited to look more creepy.
When monsterzombies explode they now explode into gory chunks, not hamburgers.
Beverly texture has been changed (still in its early stages, so I will not yet release a screenshot)
What still needs fixing:
The map still needs work. I started to work on it, but I still need to find a MAP file editor (apart from Uberradiant and Hammer). I am editing the map files using notepad, but it is really annoying, I might put a house in the middle of the street, and not know it until I run the game.
Animations and scripting still need a lot of scripting. American Mcgee used weird files for his game, that no matter how much I search I can not find a way to open them. Also scripting in Bad Day La is extremely weird.
Hopefully things go better next week

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