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Chapter 2 is done. So what comes next? What comes, for Stratigrad?

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Chapter 2 is now finished. After months of working on it, I've learned something. I've taken more time on this one, but; maybe a little bit too much. Hell, i can imagine that someone would disagree on that. Haha.

Chapter 1 was ok, but definitely needed some work. It's now in a better place, and i hope for it to be in a much more better place soon. Thanks to the wonderful feedback from you guys, i made adjustments to that; and was able to adapt. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Chapter 2 is different, Chapter 2 will have you fatigued, on edge, and, maybe saddened... I'm, sorry. lol.

Chapter 2 takes you from the Underground to the Surface, contact lost from Big Brother, and a foe that stalks you... And Chapter 2 may, just may, make you mad. (And hopefully you will unleash that on those zombie bastards)

Now Chapter 3 is on the works, and on the 1st of August; i'll be on holiday. For a week, don't worry ;)


I have made more Soundcloud Tracks, and i made an entirely new account! It's ambient based. Check them out here:

I also want to say for the record, and i feel that this DOES need to be mentioned. But i am on the Spectrum. I am Autistic, and that impacts my life daily. I would rather keep this hidden, but i feel as if it is important to share. If you do have something to say, please let this fact remind you. Thank you.

Stay tuned, hopefully based on the level count of Chapter 3; it will be finished at the end of August. (Who knows, maybe i'm naive.)

Here, have some planned custom textures!

Auto Shop

Lumberyard Sign

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